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This history of the New England Province of Jesuits covers the years 1929 to 1979. It describes educational institutions: Cheverus High School, Portland, Maine, Cranwell Preparatory School, Lenox, Mass., Fairfield Preparatory School and Fairfield University, Fairfield, Conn., the Xavier School, Concord, Mass., the relocation of Boston College High School from the South End of Boston to Dorchester, and the proposed use of Weston College, Weston, Mass., as a military hospital during World War II as well as the Baghdad Mission and some other mission possibilities in the Middle East and Argentina.

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This book is a sequel to the volume: Jesuit Province of New England: The Formative Years by Rev. James Leo Burke, S.J. Fr. Burke was an administrator and founding member of the New England Province of Jesuits.

The forward by Rev. Vincent A. Lapomarda, S.J. provides important context for this volume. Fr. Lapomarda is an Associate Professor in the Department of History at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., and a member of the New England Province of Jesuits.

Jesuit Province of New England:  The Expanding Years