Why publish your work in CrossWorks?

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What are some of the advantages to publishing in CrossWorks?

  • Increased visibility for your scholarship and creative works via Google and other internet search engines
  • Preservation and access to content through a permanent URL
  • Allows academic departments and programs to showcase faculty and student research
  • Monthly download reports to monitor usage and citations to your work
  • Ability for students to link to their work in applications for graduate school or future employment
  • Promotion of open access principles
    • Scholarly communication depends on access to research
    • Sharing your work encourages others to share
    • Providing direct access to articles and other content for users around the globe improves opportunities for knowledge exchange

What are my options?

  • Open Access:
    • Full text, abstracts, and associated descriptive information about your work are available to anyone in the world with an internet connection
  • Limited Access:
    • Full text is available only to the Holy Cross community
    • Full text is embargoed (for up to 3 years), after which time access becomes open or limited to the Holy Cross community only. Embargos can be useful if you are planning to publish your work in a journal in the future.
    • Abstracts and associated descriptive information about your work remain fully discoverable

What about plagiarism?

  • It’s harder for individuals to plagiarize open access content because plagiarism-checking search engines will crawl and index your work
  • Every entry in the repository has a link to the Copyright Terms of Use
  • Users are reminded the content they are viewing belongs to someone else
  • Users can clearly see how they are allowed to use that content
  • Depositing content into a repository and having to consider terms of use promotes conversations about author rights and understanding of copyright

*The content of this document is largely based on Linfield College’s Why Publish statement and is used with their permission.
This document was prepared by the CrossWorks Team and approved on August 2, 2012. Revised Jun 8, 2016.
Approved by Library Director’s Council on September 7, 2012
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The CrossWorks Team reserves the right to change these policies.