Here you will find publications and other scholarly activity undertaken by staff members of the Libraries of the College of the Holy Cross. These libraries include Dinand Library, O'Callahan Science Library, Music Library and the Worcester Art Museum Library.


Submissions from 2021


Campus Poetry Walk: (Re)creating and Reconnecting a Community, Lisa Villa


Virtually (im)Possible: Transitioning to a Virtual Marketing and Outreach Program, Laura Wilson, Corinne Gabriele, Alex McConnon, Susan Skoog, Nicole Tantum, and Lisa Villa

Submissions from 2018


The Undergraduate that Could: Crafting A Collaborative Student Training Program, Jennifer L.A. Whelan and Jared Andrew Rex


Building Community Through Festival: Library Orientation on the Quad, Jennifer L.A. Whelan and Laura L. Wilson

Submissions from 2017


Enriching Interventions: The Intersection of University Data and the Academic Library, Alicia S. Hansen and Brad Petitfils Ph.D.

Submissions from 2011


Building Buzz without Big Bucks, Laura Hibbler, Robert Scheier, and Michael Zeller

Submissions from 2009


Case Study: Student Art as Construction Beautification, Barbara Merolli