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RG 1.1 Kilroy 1926-32


All physical materials associated with the New England Province Archive are currently held by the Jesuit Archives in St. Louis, MO. Any inquiries about these materials should be directed to the Jesuit Archives . Electronic versions of some items and the descriptions and finding aids to the Archives, which are hosted in CrossWorks, are provided only as a courtesy.

Rev. James M. Kilroy, SJ was the first Provincial of the New England Province of the Society of Jesus from 1926-1932. The Jesuit communities located in the six states of the United States know as New England were for many years part of the Maryland-New York Province. In 1921, because of the increasing number of young men entering the Jesuits from the New England states, the Jesuit communities in New England were established as the Region of New England of the Province of Maryland-New York in the expectation that the New England Region would become an independent Province. This occurred on July 31, 1926, by decree of the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Fr. General Wlodimir Ledowchowski.

This collection contains the administrative records of the New England Province from that period, 1926-1932. The collection is divided into 15 series: Series 1, Province Governance; Series 2, Finances; Series 3, Personnel; Series 4, Formation; Series 5, Pastoral and Spiritual Apostolates and Matters; Series 6, Education Apostolate and Academic Training of Jesuits; Series 7, Social Apostolate; Series 8, House/Community/Parish; Series 9, Missions and International Apostolates; Series 10, Curia, Rome; Series 11, General, Procurators’, and Provincial Congregations; Series 12, Jesuit Jurisdictions and Organizations: American Assistancy; Series 13, Jesuit Jurisdictions and Organizations: International; Series 14, Non-Jesuit Catholic Church Jurisdictions and Organizations; Series 15, Other Organizations, Individuals, and Issues.

Series 1 through Series 11 pertain solely to matters of the New England Province in relation to the subject matter of the series. Series 12-14 include the rest of the American Assistancy Provinces, International Provinces / Jurisdictions and Non-Jesuit Catholic organizations.



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