Event Title

Varieties Of Moral Possibilities

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Owen Flanagan, Duke University


Rehm Library

Start Date

28-3-2014 5:00 PM


Abstract: Socrates's question is "How ought one to live?" Or perhaps it is a question about how "I" or "we," and not just "anyone" ought to live. Contemporary people have resources from anthropology and cross-cultural philosophy that can help us explore the space of human possibilities, think about radically different ways of living, and thus about how "one," "I," or "we" ought to live. Some say that philosophy is supposed to provide universals and that paying attention to anthropology and cross-cultural philosophy is to court relativism, to undermine confidence, and all sorts of other naughty things. I make a case for cross-cultural philosophy and discuss whether and how it might make us more humble and tolerant, as well as provide rich resources for moral reflection and deep social critique.

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Mar 28th, 5:00 PM

Varieties Of Moral Possibilities

Rehm Library