The Purple is a student publication offering news of the month, editorials, poetry, college news and alumni news. This issue contains the following:

  • Some Thirty Years Ago
  • A Foot-ball Soliloquy
  • The Story of the Class Journal
  • From Rome to Ireland
  • The Locomotive's Christmas Whistle
  • A Football Game (?) Played at Christmas, A. D. 1400
  • Bill Brown's Campaign
  • Ballade
  • Christmas: A Short History
  • Editorials
  • College Chronicle
  • Alumni
  • College World
  • Athletics
  • A Tribute of Gratitude
  • Photograph of 1898-99 Football team, A.B.R. Sprague, Irving Swan Brown, Henry S. Pratt, Matthew B. Lamb, A.A. McLoughlin, John F. Harrigan, Daniel Downey, Rev. T.J. Campbell SJ

Volume information appears on p. 287



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