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Journal of Global Catholicism

ISSN 2475-6423

The Journal of Global Catholicism is an international, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal. Its purpose is to foster the understanding of diverse forms of lived Catholicism with attention to their significance for theoretical approaches in anthropology, history, sociology, media studies, psychology, theology, and philosophy.

Of Life and History

Of Life and History is a student-run undergraduate history journal published annually at the College of the Holy Cross. The journal seeks to showcase a diverse range of exemplary historical scholarship conducted by Holy Cross students.

The Criterion

The Criterion is designed to exhibit the top literary analysis work of the year from the English department at College of the Holy Cross.

The Griot

The term Griot refers to the story-tellers, musicians, and entertainers of West Africa.

The Griot is a student literary journal presenting fiction, poetry,essays, photographs, and art work which validates and welcomes the voices of our Black students. These endeavors not only represent a history of Blackness, but also the culturally diverse group of Black students here at Holy Cross. Given the vastness of their experiences as people of color and the richness of their ideas, this journal allows students to tell their stories and express themselves to the Holy Cross community while presenting themes that may be central and common to their experiences on campus.

Though intended to be an annual publication, The Griot ceased in 1999 after a two-volume run.