Michael Raheb



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Download Sowerby, Zach. Photo: Temple of Zeus (97 KB)

Download Merola, Steven. Painting the Icon of Christ (250 KB)

Download Sowerby, Zach. Photo: Custom House (187 KB)

Download Dickinson, Jeffrey. Holy Cross Brings Socrates to the Mascot Debate (58 KB)

Download O'Toole, Liam. Vergil's Geographical References in Georgics 3.1-48 (115 KB)

Download Sowerby, Zach. Photo: Boeotian Countryside (95 KB)

Download Ciołek, Richard. Trial of Cremutius Cordus as a Vindication of Praise in Roman Historiography (117 KB)

Download Sowerby, Zach. Photo: Parthenon (59 KB)

Download Spiegel, Julia. October Nights on the Acropolis (41 KB)

Download Conde, Stephen. Catullus 8 and 76: Partner POems Expressing a Mind Fragmented by Love (123 KB)

Download Li Hui. Photo: Pythia (173 KB)

Download Sowerby, Zach. Photo: Tholos of Apollo (52 KB)

Download Sowerby, Zach. Photo: Capital at the Temple of Zeus (100 KB)

Download Powell, Emma. A Classical Beginning: An Examination of Greek and Roman Influence on Thomas Jeffereson and Early America (68 KB)

Download Kelley, Michael. Ajax and the Arms of Achilles (106 KB)

Download Wells, Andrew. Lucius Shines Light on Brutus' Life (70 KB)

Download Sowerby, Zach. Photo: The Lion Gate (76 KB)

Download Sowerby, Zach. Photo: The Bull-Leaping Fresco (120 KB)

Download Largey, Aidan. N-Grams and the Writing Process of Herodotus (61 KB)

Download Sowerby, Zach. Photo: Hermes and the Infant Dionysus (34 KB)

Download Sowerby, Zach. Photo: The Rape of the Lapiths (92 KB)

Download Raheb, Michael. Establishing Secure Boundaries for Catullan Terms of Social Distinction (139 KB)

Download Schufreider, Charlie. Translation of Juvenal: Satire VII.215-243 (53 KB)

Download Sowerby, Zach. Photo: Mt. Parnassus (126 KB)


Parnassus is an undergraduate journal published by the College of the Holy Cross in conjunction with the Classics Department. Parnassus' mission is to share the passion of Holy Cross students for the ancient world. All pieces aim to be generally understandable, allowing the field to be more accessible to non-specialists in the community.

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College of the Holy Cross


Worcester, MA




essays, poems, translations, photography, undergraduate work




Faculty advisors: Timothy Joseph, PhD. and Aaron Seider, PhD.

Parnassus welcomes submissions from Holy Cross students of any major. Pieces should relate to the study of the ancient world and should be understandable to a wide audience. Essays, poems, translations, creative pieces and artwork are eligible for publication.

Parnassus:  Classical Journal (Volume 6, 2018)

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