Enriching Interventions: The Intersection of University Data and the Academic Library

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As part of strategic planning in academic libraries, librarians are beginning to focus more on language and approach common to the college/university assessment office. Librarians are using student learning outcomes and key performance indicators from the institution as a whole, as well as from academic departments, to craft surveys, focus groups, strategic plans and instructional goals for a more in-depth approach to research and instruction. This pairs well with the Association of College & Research Libraries’ new Framework for Information Literacy, which brings librarians’ goals closer to the curricular goals of faculty and administration. We discuss this in terms of the overlap between library assessment and the broader assessment on campuses, and we consider what happens when multiple bodies on campus are conducting interventions for improved student learning.

In this presentation, we will use case studies to show how data can be best gathered and applied within the context of library intervention, specifically personal research sessions and research method instruction. Further, we will show methods that work best for disaggregating data, giving administrators clear definitions of success and still-weak points especially in terms of specific target groups, while still protecting the integrity of the university’s data.


Presented at the SoTL Conference held March 29-31, 2017.