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Sarah Klotz


In America, we must question and understand what is “law and order.” Over centuries, America developed a racialized slave-class politically and socially through power and force. Police are the foot soldiers of maintaining law and order as Slave Patrols evolved into the State Police. In my thesis, I discuss how their efforts in traffic enforcement enable a dominant class to target and enslave the oppressed class. Traffic control leads to 18 million interactions a year which is 34 people a minute. The numbers of interactions along with persistent practices regarding discrimination cause police to be a social liability. When bad apples are not plucked, and held accountable, but simply moved into another set, the entire thing becomes rotten. So, even those good apples will be spoiled. My second chapter discusses the necessity for removing School Resource Officers from the public school system. Their presence devalues teaching social accountability and classroom discipline. Police in schools force kids into the criminal system rather than education. At the end of both sections, I provide alternative approaches to policing that can be funded. If the country wants to heal then create change for minority communities allowing the opportunities for communities to Reinvest in US.


Reader: Jeremy T. Murphy