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Family Life During Covid-19

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Renee Beard


The SARS-Co-V2, or coronavirus disease, of late 2019 dramatically altered the world. The virus upended the world two years ago and does not seem to show any obvious sign of going away anytime soon. A plethora of studies on the far-reaching effects of the pandemic on everyday life, including a change in routine, mental health, coping mechanisms and financial strain, have been published. This study focuses on the effects the pandemic has had on family life, specifically gender roles within the household, mental health and relationship dynamics. A series of informal, unstructured individual and group interviews were conducted to gather data about personal experiences during COVID. Participants were gathered via convenience sampling and snowball sampling, therefore many of the participants are college students, their adult siblings and their families.


Reader: Susan Cunningham Departmental Honors thesis for Sociology and Anthropology

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