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Expanded ed.


A new, expanded edition of reflective essays solicited by Prof. James B. Nickoloff from lesbian and gay alumni regarding their life at the College of the Holy Cross. The timeline begins in the late 1970s and extends to the late 2010s.

James B. Nickoloff, editor.

Contributing authors include:
Christopher Campbell
Carlito Espudo
Ellen J. Keohane
Lawrence Manfredi
Malcolm McCluskey
Rusmir Music
Nan O'Connor
Carmine Salvucci
Jeannie Seidler
Mairead M. Sullivan
Meghan T. Sweeney

The first edition was published in 2010.

Publication Date



Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies, Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Office of the College Chaplains, College of the Holy Cross


Worcester, MA


Gay college students; Lesbian college students; Homosexuality and education; Sexual minority college students; Worcester; Massachusetts; transgender; gender variant; gender nonconforming


Gender and Sexuality | Higher Education

In, Out and About on The Hill:  LGBTQIA+ Alums Reflect on Life at Holy Cross, 1978-2018



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