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Photograph of some of the participants in the Civitas Branching project, a 5-panel mosaic depicting scenes from the College Hill neighborhood. The mosaic was created in 2003 as a collaborative art project by students of the College of the Holy Cross and residents of the College Hill neighborhood in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Pictured in photo: Hillary Chisholm Sloate (front row, 3rd from left), a mosaicist who taught at the Worcester Art Museum, was a resident of College Hill and conceived the project; Evelyn Dunton (back row, 2nd from left); Rachel Brommage (back row, 3rd from left).

It was originally installed on the College Hill Civic Association building located at 79 Kendig Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. In 2016, the mosaic was relocated to the east patio of Dinand Library on the campus of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.


mosaic, collaborative art, public art, College of the Holy Cross, College Hill Civic Association, Worcester, Massachusetts


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