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The metaphor of national unity through the passages of the eponymous hero Falagountou Yamba Elie Ouédraogo: myth of unity or unity of the myth? Yamba Elie Ouédraogo brushed a gargantuan romantic mural in her latest novel Falagountou. Falagountou appears in many ways like a quest for the Grail of identities to form identity. These passages of the hero mythical half-man, half-Hercules – like the epic of Gilgamesh – crosses different regions of Burkina Faso who report a culmination of the intermediate time, in-between, to apprehend modalities that govern the construction of crises, utopias, individual projections. In this, the novelist is part of a scriptural approach of excess, boldness that installs the player in a kinetic movement of change, of breaking which suggests a need unit. Presumably, fabulist-novelist-oralist Yamba Elie Ouédraogo experimenting a writing of the Figuration of the passages that analyzes and highlights situations of transition, passages. He is gladly Ferryman himself as figure and actor with a greater or lesser influence on the forms and modalities of the passages, their locations and their durations. Always present in scenery and culture and the space-time, it is undoubtedly rock and cement which unites a country, a nation looking for its way. We will try in our article to show the different modalities of these passages, these ruptures, transitions while emphasizing the common thread that seems to live in the unconscious of the Narrator heterodiegetic namely the dialogue of cultures and national identities, real issue of social stability.



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