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Immigration is a reality which touches primarily the young in most country. This phenomenon must be undressed of its blaming considerations, in view of its incommensurable contribution in the development of many countries. If the United States of America arrived at the legalization of immigration, by instituting a lottery called “lottery visa”, it is that they are conscious of the benefit that this phenomenon can bring to their nation. Moreover, the United States is a nation built on the bases of the immigration to which they owe their power today. They are numerous these young people who set off to the migration in search of a greater comfort. And it is by far that they see from now on realities of on their premises, and that, through the media. Among these migrants there are artists who by nostalgia convene realities of their space of origin in their musical works. They thus go in their artistic productions, to make a mixture of styles of their places of reception and their starting places (their fold). That is especially perceptible in the video clips through a plume of cultures and artistic expressions of two cultural surfaces sweat evoked. On both sides, one recognizes oneself in this kind of video with the multiform, but aesthetic universes. How the video clips resulting from “the music of the migration” can take part in the construction of spaces where the borders do not exist? And in which measurements these spaces can they be used in the construction of a company for the universal standards? It is with the turn of these two questionings that our communication will be worked out.



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