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Modern Moroccan theatre was born with non-professional artists and has remained intimately linked to this milieu. Unlike professional playwrights, non-professional artists have never bowed to the demands of political authorities, whether it be the French administration or the local Makhzen. They used this artistic medium as a forum for debate and resistance against the oppressor. This freedom of expression operated not just at the political level but also at the aesthetic level. Since non-professionals were not constrained by the need to please an audience fond of social comedies and melodramas, they could explore more risky avant-garde paths. In spite of all the attempts to hold under check and weaken this non-professional theatre that reached its peak in the 1970s, many unique theatre voices rose to claim the right to express a new theatrical identity, specific to the Moroccans, one identity that would stage the dramatic reality of the country that was more often than not forcibly ignored by official theatre.



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