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The prix de la Francite, awarded by the journal Etudes franqaises, brought to Ahmadou Kourouma the publication of his first novel, Les soleils des independances, and exceptional renown for the author of a single novel. He received two other prizes when Les soleils ... was republished in Paris in 1970. After a "silence" of some twenty years, during which he was working as an actuary and an insurance expert in various countries, Kourouma surprised the literary world by publishing, in 1990, a second novel, Manne, outrages et defis. This novel along with two more, En attendant le vote des betes sauvages (1998) and Allah n'est pas oblige (2000), garnered three more prizes each, including the prestigious Renaudot Prize in 2000. This article strives to place in historical context the career and renown of the great "elephant hunter."



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