Volume 1, Issue 2 (2017) African Catholicism: Contemporary Issues

A consideration of contemporary issues in African Catholicism, including liturgical adaptation, music, communication, moral theology, and priestly ministry. Articles focus specifically on Nigerian Catholic experience, but also range broadly to engage with themes important to Catholics in sub-Saharan Africa. Among the specific questions addressed are: inculturation; uses of mass media and the promotion of social justice; moral relativism and the applicability of natural law theory; polygamy; and African and Western paradigms for defining the role of the priest. Official Catholic documents considered are Ecclesia in Africa and Evangelicum Gaudium.



Editor's Introduction
Marc Roscoe Loustau


Founding Editor
Mathew N. Schmalz
Marc Roscoe Loustau
Associate Editor
Kerry San Chirico
Assistant Editor
Danielle Kane