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It was immediately after I returned to the UK following Christmas vacation that I spent a day strolling through the beach town of Brighton, England, which is located on the southern coast, with a good friend. It was an unexpected adventure—the kind where you buy a bus ticket the night before and arrive with nothing but a map and no plan in mind. Yet, it turned out to be one of my favorite days during my time abroad.

I love that in this photo only the “B-R- I-G- H-T” in “BRIGHTON PIER” is lit up, though the mood is more blue—a kind of testimony to the fact that there will always be moments of brightness in times of darkness (yes, even when you are studying abroad—an experience which, like everything else, will have its own ups and downs). You just have to look for them; sometimes, even going out of your way to change your plans and just buy a ticket.


2016 Study Abroad Photo Contest


Copyright 2016, Hildie Hoeschen.


Brighton Pier, England


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