Article Title

The Purple, July 1898



The Purple is a student publication offering news of the month, editorials, poetry, college news and alumni news. This issue contains the following:

  • The Year Endeth
  • Commencement Week
  • Alma's Blessing to '98
  • Materialism and Its Tendencies
  • The Song of June
  • The Catholic College Graduate
  • Loyalty
  • Socialism and Christianity
  • The Purpose of the College
  • The Yankee Eight
  • The Catholic Church and the Working Boy
  • "He Hath Done All Things Well"
  • An Old University
  • Class of '98
  • The Purple-Prize Winners
  • The Staff of '97-'98
  • Alumni
  • College Chronicle
  • Purple Patches
  • Athletics
  • Photographs of Class of 1898, Class of 1900, students,Camera Club, emblem of B.J.F. Debating Society em

This issue contains table of content for entire Volume 7. Volume information for this issue appears on p. 44.

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