Article Title

The Purple, October 1896



The Purple is a student publication offering news of the month, editorials, poetry, college news and alumni news. This issue contains the following:

  • The Reverend Edward A. McGurk, S.J.
  • Meditations of Menippus the Cynic
  • Language, A Criterion of Knowledge
  • To a Dead Butterfly
  • The Centenary of Robert Burns
  • The Watchers of Folly
  • What Oxford Owes to Catholicity
  • My Home
  • Sam's Success
  • The Fisherman
  • On Being Perpetually Misunderstood
  • Our Literary Confidences
  • The Noble Work of Catholic Laymen
  • The Anniversary of Bishop Fenwick's Death
  • The Conventions of Catholic College Editors
  • A Letter from Admiral Meade
  • The Alumni
  • The College Chronicle
  • Athletics
  • From the Editor's Table
  • Photographs



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