Article Title

The Purple, June 1896



The Purple is a student publication offering news of the month, editorials, poetry, college news and alumni news. This issue contains the following:

  • The First Catholic College in New England
  • The Alumni Bishops of Holy Cross
  • Alma's Soldier Sons
  • Holy Cross Students in the Civil War
  • Holy Cross Students on the Judiciary Bench
  • Duty of the College and of College Men to the Summer School
  • To the Sacred Heart
  • A Word with the Young Man Who Is to Take Up the Study of Law
  • Vesper
  • Some Words of Counsel to Those About to Take Up the Study of Medicine
  • Fancy
  • Some Contributions to the Alumni Number
  • Athletics at Holy Cross
  • A New Wrinkle
  • From the Editor's Table
  • Support for Leper Mission
  • Photographs of students, alumni, campus scenes, building interiors



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