Présence Francophone: Revue internationale de langue et de littérature


This article analyzes the paradoxical eclipsis of Burkina Faso’s pionneer writer Nazi Boni by Ivorian writer Ahmadou Kourouma. Through a reception study and a rereading of Crépuscule des temps anciens, it demonstrates that Boni’s neglect and lack of success could be explained on one hand by the political stigma he suffered under President Maurice Yaméogo and on the other hand by stylistic errors in his work. Through a contrastive reception study of both authors (focused largely on Boni), the article establishes a connection among Nazi Boni, Ahmadou Kourouma and René Maran. It therefore concludes that Maran was indeed the true precursor of this new “africanizing” of literature in French, which also partakes in Senghor’s Negritude vision.



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