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This paper is part of our research project on the analysis of social practices as they appear in the framework of literary works, notably in narrative prose. This does not consist in undertaking a thematic approach of these, but rather considering them as the fourth level of immanence and relevance of the plan of semiotic expression. Therefore, the study is part of the rhetoric of downward integration that occurs when a higher level of immanence occurs at a lower level, like here where practices (4th level) occur in fiction text (2nd level). In this respect, is considered as “ritual practice” every individual or collective approach aimed at implementing a ritual program: divinatory, sacrificial, initiation rituals, etc. This program, in its implementation, requires the making of a “scene” made of signs, texts, objects, and actors operating in a given space-time. This study aims to examine means by which mystical signs are identified by the members of fictitious texts, and to inventory and classify these signs based on the corpus of African novels.



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