Présence Francophone: Revue internationale de langue et de littérature


Nowadays, it is common to say that the French press in Africa greatly contributes to the lower level of French. If true, this assertion hides a much deeper problem that concerns the act of writing and the act of reading in a non-native language. The performance of newspaper, radio or television journalists show that these writers share the same competence and face the same difficulties as the entire French-speaking population who is compelled to transmit ideas and information in a second language they do not master, or just a bit. This paper aims at understanding the reasons why non-African readers find it difficult to understand all the modes and forms of writing in L2 . Among the means used to achieve this goal, there are many and various theories that attempt to explain the theoretical foundations of francophone writing. Some of these theories are analyzed in the light of the Cameroonian press in French.



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