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The paper is an account of a trip to Aimé Césaire’s country, Martinique which, after he passed away, is bound, for so many reasons, to become a land of pilgrimage. First of all, one discovers with emotion, his grave in a popular graveyard in a suburb where he chose to repose. Then, full of admiration, one moves about downtown Fort-de-France, a town on which Aimé Césaire left so many indelible marks in his capacity as spokesman for the people. In the same vein, the people sprinkled the town with so many marks acknowledging the achievements of the hero. Lastly, the descent on places known from then on as “reference places”, because Césaire walked passed them at one point in his life time, and for this reason his spirit is still alive on them, the meeting with his heirs or caretakers of his memory and bearers of his vision of the feature are so many factors that turn Martinique, henceforth into a land of pilgrimage.



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