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Owing to Georges Schéhadé’s investment of powers of dreams which lead to existence and generate thoughts out of any preset direction, Georges Schéhadé’s theatre can be considered very close to surrealism. These powers of dreams can rediscover the world, give access to another reality and resolve fundamental life questions. In addition, Georges Schéhadé’s theatre and surrealism are similar in resorting to mysterious practices, occult research and the world of the “marvellous” which emanates from the world of dreams. This latter world consists of extraordinary random events or premonitions, visions, perceptions and sensations bringing about confusion of identities and a strange impression. Georges Schéhadé’s theatre selects images which rely on fascinating proximity between two distant realities. With an emancipated language targeted at the reintegration of the “surreal”, beyond any demonstration. as well as all the above, one feels comfortable to classify Georges Schéhadé’s theatre as a surrealistic one.



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