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In this novel, first published in 1998 and then in 2006, martinican female writer Nicole Cage-Florentiny portrays a young woman, Malaïka, who seeks refuge in madness to escape the turmoil of her life. She is under the yoke of harsh living conditions including societal conformism which, according to Fanon, provokes the « existential deviation » (1953 : 31) of the individual. Despite all, Malaïka advocates a society that would integrate all its members and promote equality. C’est vole que je vole aims at brushing Martinique’s ability to display a sound socialization. The author aims at offering a criticism of her society and at denouncing some of the neurotic tendencies that are likely to impair social cohesion and the personal development of the individual. Doing so, Nicole Cage-Florentiny grants a large importance to the individual that is strictly opposed to the collective group of society.



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