Présence Francophone: Revue internationale de langue et de littérature


This article questions the experience of delirium of the character of Marie Celat and places it in relation to the violence of identity and cultural alienation linked to the history of the West Indies. Using the word “Odono” as a pretext, which was transmitted to the character by a family tale, the text tackles the problem of the identity and origin of the subject. In Marie Celat’s delirium, the reference to “Odono” opens the way for diverse positions on the subject of enunciation, stretching the historical truth into an a-temporal, a-spatial, “out of chronology” event. The words juxtapose each other in a redundant rhetoric that translates the frenzy. However this frenzy, by means of a mastered discourse, is meant to be a second-level reconstruction, which establishes communication between the author and the reader, and which introduces us to the problematic of exchange and the value of signs as well.



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