Présence Francophone: Revue internationale de langue et de littérature


It becomes clear that Ahmadou Kourouma's literary work is marked by the predominance of authentically African techniques of expression (semantax). With this in mind, the present study tries to analyse its linguistic manifestations as techniques of aesthetic creativity and of the enrichment of the French language through the writing of novels. This is why we have serialized and described the expressive neologies in the corpus of our study while pointing out their stylistic effects: the Negro-African imagery. Still in the same perspective the strategies identified and analyzed help to illustrate a narrative polyphony resulting from highly oralized contexts with the systematic repetition of paremic utterances. This brings about the existence of a neo­realistic type of poetics. In this way we demonstrate that the originality of Ahmadou Kourouma's novel writing is based on the poetics of etnostylistics, having stylistics effects which are typical to Negro-African culture.



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