Anne Salloom, Editor-in-Chief



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Download Tinney, Michael. A View of Law in Ancient Babylon: A Description of the Stele of Hammurabi (67 KB)

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Download Arralde, Thomas. Plato's Legacy: Whether the Republic or the Timaeus Reigns Supreme (93 KB)

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Download Sokolowski, Deborah. Folklore and Superstition in Petronius' Satyricon (53 KB)

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Download Salloom, Anne. The Complexities of Surviving Under a Bad Emperor: The Many Meanings of Virtus in Tacitus's Agricola (107 KB)

Download Churik, Nikolas. Disordering Freedom: The Relation between Disorder and Libertas in Tacitus (61 KB)

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Download Angiolillo, Matthew. A Note on a Virgilian Allusion in Silius Italicus (48 KB)

Download Roberts, Michael. Greece and Rome on the French Stage: Classical Adaptation in the Theatre of Jean Racine (100 KB)

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Parnassus is an undergraduate journal published by the College of the Holy Cross in conjunction with the Classics Department. Parnassus' mission is to share the passion of Holy Cross students for the ancient world. All pieces aim to be generally understandable, allowing the field to be more accessible to non-specialists in the community.

Publication Date

Spring 2013


College of the Holy Cross


Worcester, Massachusetts




essays, poems, translations, undergraduate work


Classics | Creative Writing


Inaugural issue.

Faculty advisors: Timothy Joseph, PhD. and Aaron Seider, PhD.

Parnassus welcomes submissions from Holy Cross students of any major. Pieces should relate to the study of the ancient world and should be understandable to a wide audience. Essays, poems, translations, creative pieces and artwork are eligible for publication.

Parnassus:  Classical Journal (Volume 1, 2013)