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This history of the New England Province of Jesuits covers the years of approximately 1920 to 1945. It describes establishing the New England Region and the educational institutions for the Jesuits: Shadowbrook, the house of formation in Lenox, Mass., Weston College, the scholasticate, in Weston, Mass., and St. Robert’s Hall, the tertianship, in Pomfret, Conn. It also tells of the founding of the first retreat house, Campion Hall, in North Andover, Mass., and the famine relief work in Russia of Rev. Louis J. Gallagher, S.J., one of the founding members of the New England Province.

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Society of Jesus of New England




Jesuits, New England Province of the Society of Jesus, History


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James Leo Burke, S.J. (1901-1988) was an administrator and a founding member of the New England Province of Jesuits.

This volume was published on the 50th anniversary of the New England Province of Jesuits.

The cover photograph is of the Cranwell Preparatory School in Lenox, Mass.

Jesuit Province of New England:  The Formative Years