College Honors Program


The College Honors Program brings together academically accomplished and highly motivated students to pursue multidisciplinary studies in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. This highly selective and challenging program is composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors from any major, and incorporates special seminars, an honors colloquium and a thesis.

The College Honors Program, established in 1962, is one of the oldest programs providing distinctive educational opportunities at Holy Cross culminating in the senior honors thesis, and the intellectual excitement of a multidisciplinary classroom, where students from all majors address significant matters with faculty who are experts in integrative teaching and scholarship.


Theses from 2023

Machiavelli on Necessity: Expansion, Founding, and Renewal, Kevin Akalski

“’Dream Prison’ Becomes a Failure”: Howard B. Gill, the Norfolk Prison Colony, and American Prisons Before the Age of Mass Incarceration, Sarah Ayers

Constructing the Social Self: Painting with Data, Brooke Bailey

How Catholic are Milton’s Angels? An Analysis of Angelic Substance and Hierarchy in Paradise Lost in the Light of Catholic Angelology, Christian Alexander Barkman

Body Stigma and Food Insecurity: How the Cultural Attitude Towards Weight Amplifies Hunger and Perpetuates Disordered Eating Pathology, Emily Mason Bouzan

The Creation and Removal of Iron and Manganese Oxides on Terracotta Surfaces, Charles Cassidy

In-Solution Detection of Chalcogen Bonding, Henry Ware Cavanaugh

“Tell Your People I’m Coming to Your Funeral”: Older Adult Relationships as Contextualized by the Assisted Living Setting, Olivia Curnen

Limitation and Creativity: A Rock Album Inspired by Mathematical Constraints, Mark Czerwinski


Reinvest in US: Reimagine the Role of Police in the U.S., Jamil Davis

Brotherly Nations? Russia, Ukraine, and a Crisis of Identity, Teresa J. Esquivel

Rhythm and Verse: Reimagining the Massachusetts K-12 English Language Arts Curriculum, Brianna Fisher

Respecting a Person’s Dignity: Kantian Approaches to Morality, Carina Gregori Asadourian

HIV/AIDS: Science and Society. The Needs of AIDS Service Organizations and the Potential of APOBEC3G, Tianci Guan

The Influence of Surface Residues on the Structure and Activity of a Salt-Dependent Halophilic Enzyme, Michelle K. Haigbea

Perpetrators of the Holocaust in a Social Psychological Context: Contrasting Motivations, Amanda Hickey


Classical Influences on Anti-Federalism in Late18th-Century America: An Analysis of References to The Roman Republic, “Cato,” and Caesar in the Anti-Federalist Papers, Anastasia Kaliabakos

Framing the American Abortion Debate: A Comparative and Longitudinal Study of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Framing Techniques, Melanie Lytle

The Rise, the Resurgence, and Resilience of the Left in Latin America, Maria Valentina Maza Izarra

In the Shadow of Cyril of Alexandria: An Ecumenical Treatment of the Chalcedonian Schism, Christopher McCormack

Dog Days are Here: Canine LMSCs as a Novel Model System, Patrick Molluso

From Carbon Dioxide to Methane: Reframing the Fight Against Climate Change, Margaret O'Leary

Forging a Catholic Modernity: American Catholic Reactions to Anticlericalism in Mexico and Spain: 1920-1945, Evan Poellinger

The Progression of Affective Polarization on Twitter: Case Studies in U.S. Presidential Politics, David Pritchard

The Social Security Debate: Unemployment Insurance in the United States, Antonio Louis Ricco III


The Ambiguity of Probable Cause and its Contentious Application by Police, Dave Sainte-Luce

The Public Persona of Gaius Gracchus: Rhetoric, Legislation, and Precedent, Coleman Smith


Angels of Many Houses: Reconciling Domesticity in 19th-Century Victorian Literature, Amanda Vierra


Heroic (Im)maturity: Domestic Rupture and the Myth of Telemachus' Coming of Age, Mary Whitney

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Child Development, Alysa Xie

“Dizzy Old Wizard” vs. “Sportsman and Hunter”: U.S. Press Views of Iranian Leadership During the Cold War, Ariana Zandi

Theses from 2022

Psychological Conceptualizations and Treatments of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Kaitlyn H. Bickerton

Parental Opioid Use and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Combatting Socioeconomic Barriers to Treatments and Interventions, Julie Brewer

The Syntax of Social Justice: Examining Post-Bellum Black Intellectual Thought & Classics, Mathew D. Cedeno

"Weak Women?": Plotting Women's Networks of Influence at Plimouth Colony in the Early Seventeenth Century, Helena Connell

Trickle-Down Central Banking: An Analysis of Quantitative Easing within the US Economy, Emily Curtis


Patriotism? Nicias, Alcibiades, and 1/6/21, Stephen Dierkes


Progress Towards Low Energy Charge Transfer Collision Experiments Using Pulse Sequencing, Alex DiResta


How Prison Systems Can Better Aid People with Substance Use Disorders, Avery Faires


Writing Dystopia: Zamyatin’s Writing Philosophy, Genre, and the Protagonist of We, Kelly A. Gallagher

The Witch in the Roman Imagination, Augusta Holyfield

"I Am an Indian; nevertheless I am an American": Indigenous Activists from the Society of American Indians to the Indian Reorganization Act, 1911-1934, Jack Hynick

Writing Home Beyond Domesticity: Elizabeth Bishop and Mascha Kaléko, Katie Knippler

Synthetic Studies on Diospongin B: A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Natural Products, Pamela Kote

Cornel West: Self and Community, Rachel Mallett


Performance, Theatricality, and Identity in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, Nina Masin-Moyer


Labor Unions in the United States, Argentina, and the United Kingdom: A Comparative Study, Jake Mozeleski

High Glucose Has Sex-Specific Effects on Amyloid-β Accumulation in Alzheimer's C. elegans Model, Monica Nakhla

Analysis of Equations of State for Neutron Star Modeling, Joseph E. Nyhan

The 1001 Nights: How Compilation, Translation, and Adaptation Influenced a Global Work of Literature, Mary Evelyn Quinlan

Vaccine Hesitancy: A Deep-Dive into the Decision-Making Processes around Vaccination, Matthew Robertson

Family Life During Covid-19, Ellen B. Rogers


Woven Words in the Iliad: Gender, Narrative, and Textile Production in the Scholia of the Venetus A Manuscript, Anne-Catherine Schaaf

Species Delimitation in the Pseudanophthalmus robustus Species Group Using DNA Barcoding, Frank Spano


Transforming Trees, Transcending Binaries: Gender in Augustan Poetry, Kendall Swanson

The Potential for Non-Addictive Analgesics to Address the Opioid Crisis, Emily Taylor


Allumination: Inquiries into an Understanding of Power, Oppression, and Connection, Hannah Thompson

Interactive Effects of Food Availability and Salinity on Phenotypic Plasticity of Echinarachnius parma Larvae, Isabelle Q. Uong

Language and Cognition: A Comparison of Spatial and Mathematical Cognition in Visual and Auditory Languages, Lauren Vitelli

Salty Enzymes: Protein Splicing Dependence on Salt Concentrations, Diana Wall

The End of the 7: Chinese Catholic Immigrants in Flushing, Xiani Zhu

Theses from 2018


Color between the Lines: Navigating Mixed Race Identity, Kelly O'Halloran