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Danuta Bukatko


The following paper is an extension of a previous manuscript that provides a literature review for the following topic: How Do Race, Age, and Sexual Orientation Impact the Effects of Sexual Objectification? While most studies focus on college-age, heterosexual White women as participants for their studies, this revised manuscript will focus on different factors that might influence how sexual objectification influences health behavior, such as race, age, and sexual orientation, and whether such components play a role in the differences between heterosexual college-aged white women compared to other populations. Additionally, this manuscript will specifically investigate self-objectification as a result of sexual objectification. A study conducted on Instagram demonstrates the influence of race and age on how much women self-objectify. Finally, the following paper aims to determine possible protective factors to help women resist the effects of sexual objectification.


Capstone thesis for Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies concentration

Presented at 2017 Academic Conference