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Spring 5-2017


The aim of this paper is to examine and compare College of the Holy Cross to national averages in the United States of America in regards to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. The composition of the research includes statistics provided by both the United States government, but also from College of the Holy Cross archives. In addition to a statistical comparison, sociological and psychological research studies that examined the obstacles women face are also considered for evaluation to better understand the multitude of factors that help determine women’s desire to major or study within STEM fields. This research demonstrates that College of the Holy Cross is comparable to national averages for women in STEM fields and is better in regards to to addressing the obstacles facing women in STEM and retaining women in STEM majors in comparison to national programs. This research is important because it provides insight to increase women’s participation in STEM fields.


Capstone Thesis for Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Concentration.

Presented at 2017 Academic Conference